• November 25th, 2014 – AgChat on #FoodThanks

    What Do You Do To Help? The holidays are times when focus on hunger, support, and just plain helping is greatest. This #AgChat looks at the ideas behind #FoodThanks, what people are doing, and generating ideas for people to grasp and run with.

    November 25th, 2014 – AgChat on #FoodThanks
  • 30 Days: How do people find you on the internet when they don’t even know you exist?

    Of course, the answer is via Search Engines (which is really just Google) or via Social Media. When it comes to being found, you should think of Google as your home page – not your blog’s home page. Because if someone doesn’t know you they aren’t going to search for you – they are searching… [Continue Reading]

    30 Days: How do people find you on the internet when they don’t even know you exist?
  • 30 Days: Agvocacy Rehab

    Is it just me or do things in the food world seem to be getting worse? When I say ‘things’ I mean attacks on toxic wheat, misleading videos of a dairy farm, artists doctoring aerial photos of beef feedlots, celebrity spout outs, statements arguing glyphosate is to blame for autism or celiac disease {or any number… [Continue Reading]

    30 Days: Agvocacy Rehab
  • 30 Days: The Best 6 Twitter Tips

    Twitter is by far the best social media platform around. The best thing about using Twitter for agvocacy is that you are able to reach a whole new audience. Clearly this is just my opinion but check out these 6 tips and you may just agree with me by the end of this post. Here… [Continue Reading]

    30 Days: The Best 6 Twitter Tips
30 Days of Agvocacy and Social Media



Rancher Relief

Tyson Donates $50,000 to #RancherRelief

Its almost an instinctive behavior, one that brightens your soul, melts your heart and plants your feet firmly on the sometimes rugged ground, as you proudly stand. It often occurs when life has shot someone down and brought them to their knees. It could even be compared to breathing. Its just something that happens. And, […]


March 4th, 2014 – AgChat on Ag Conventions, Trade Shows, and Conferences

How Are You Utilizing Conferences? Being able to get away from the farm or ranch to learn new ideas or hear a great speaker is a must. How do farmers and ranchers decide which conferences to attend? What do they want to see/hear? And what is the swage they want most? This AgChat conversation on […]

3 Great Examples of Thinking Outside the Farm - AgChat.org

30 Days: 3 Great Examples of “Thinking Outside the Farm”

I’m always amazed by the number of outstanding agriculture advocates on the web. Many are women who are the primary operators of their farms, moms, community volunteers and still take the time to advocate for agriculture by creatively blogging and utilizing social media. I would like to highlight three bloggers who have been resourceful and […]