• Why Do I Agvocate? – Paint the Town Ag

     What is your role in agriculture? I married into agriculture onto a third generation beef, poultry, and crop farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Coming from a city, I didn’t know a thing about the hard work, dedication, and passion that farmers & ranchers have for their craft, and I’m constantly learning! Professionally,… [Continue Reading]

    Why Do I Agvocate? – Paint the Town Ag
  • Introducing ACF’s Summer 2015 Intern & Why Do I Agvocate?

    AgChat Foundation would like to officially welcome Melissa Woolpert as our summer 2015 intern. Melissa is an alumnae of the inaugural 2015 Collegiate Congress and a graduate student at the University of Vermont, pursuing her Masters of Science degree in Food Systems. Her journey to agriculture advocacy has been unique and a strong indication that… [Continue Reading]

    Introducing ACF’s Summer 2015 Intern & Why Do I Agvocate?
  • Farm and Ranch Agvocate Database

    You asked, we listened! We have received many requests for a resource guide which organizes agriculture agvocates’ blogs and social media pages by production type, methods or area of food production. There are numerous aspects of agriculture and this will provide a resource when you’ve received a question pertaining to an area which you unfamiliar. For example,… [Continue Reading]

    Farm and Ranch Agvocate Database
  • New Series: Why do I agvocate? – Farm Barbie

    We are pleased to bring agriculture advocates a new series called “Why Do I Agvocate?” Often times we can become caught up in the numbers, likes, views, rates and the excitement of social media. We set expectations for ourselves, our blogs, Facebook farm or fan pages and at times become driven by metrics. When the metric benchmarks… [Continue Reading]

    New Series: Why do I agvocate? – Farm Barbie
2015 National Agvocacy Conference



2015 National Agvocacy Conference - November 9-10 - AgChat.org

Celebrating Five Years of Pioneering Grassroots Agvocacy in Nashville

As a pioneer in grassroots agvocacy, the AgChat Foundation is proud to announce the 2015 Cultivate & Connect conference which will be held at the Hotel Preston in Nashville, TN. In an effort to accommodate state and country fairs; back-to-school and other agriculturally related events, the conference is scheduled for November 9-10, rather than August. We […]

Severe Weather

April 29th, 2014 – AgChat on Severe Weather

Are You Ready For Severe Weather? Weather is a fact of life for agriculture. At times the weather is helpful (water is required at times) but severe weather complicates the business of running a farm: protect you, family, the animals, and the business all comes into play. What do you do to live through and […]

30 Days of Agvocacy and Social Media: The Right Way to Agvocate - Agchat.org

30 Days: The Right Way to Agvocate

I started participating in the Tuesday night #AgChat conversations nearly five years ago and have been on the AgChat Foundation board for three years. Throughout those years I have encountered AgVocates from across the country that have found success, big or small, in telling their farm or ranch story through social media. These successful AgVocates […]