• Celebrating National Agriculture Week 2015

    National Agriculture Week is a tribute to the hard working folks who bring food, fuel and fiber to our everyday lives. All three elements are essential to the survival of human kind. That is something to celebrate! Wondering how you can celebrate? Here are just a few events or efforts you can find: #FoodChat –… [Continue Reading]

    Celebrating National Agriculture Week 2015
  • #RelentlessAsYou Contest!

    You work hard, right? Our newest sponsor, Valent. At Valent, they know what you go through on a daily basis and why you can be described as #Relentless. Some farm until 2am, some all night, through the rain and on a rare occasion, snow, with very little reward. As you begin prep for planting in… [Continue Reading]

    #RelentlessAsYou Contest!
  • March 10th, 2015 – AgChat on Antibiotics

    How Does Ag Work With Antibiotics? There is concern expressed in the press and social media about the issues of super bugs that are evolving because of the use of antibiotics. How is the use of antibiotics in agriculture impacting the genetic changes of bacteria? What are the conversations farms have with consumers about their… [Continue Reading]

    March 10th, 2015 – AgChat on Antibiotics
  • March 3rd, 2015 – AgChat on Water

    Water Is Life Water is certainly a necessity. And, the variety of ways water is used is vast (example: water in beer making). Water quality and availability is a concern by many, especially when thinking into the future 15 or 20 years out. Within the USA, water use, availability, and quality cause contention amongst many… [Continue Reading]

    March 3rd, 2015 – AgChat on Water



  • Oh, my goodness! This midwestern girl is in awe of Spokane, WA, home of #AgChatPNW This is going to be a fantastic event! #WAAg ~Jenny
Rancher Relief

Tyson Donates $50,000 to #RancherRelief

Its almost an instinctive behavior, one that brightens your soul, melts your heart and plants your feet firmly on the sometimes rugged ground, as you proudly stand. It often occurs when life has shot someone down and brought them to their knees. It could even be compared to breathing. Its just something that happens. And, […]

Severe Weather

April 29th, 2014 – AgChat on Severe Weather

Are You Ready For Severe Weather? Weather is a fact of life for agriculture. At times the weather is helpful (water is required at times) but severe weather complicates the business of running a farm: protect you, family, the animals, and the business all comes into play. What do you do to live through and […]

What do consumers really want to know? with Danielle Beard Hayden - 30 Days of Agvocacy and Social Media - AgChat.org

30 Days: What Do Consumers Really Want to Know?

Have you ever listened to the conversations around you in the produce, meat or dairy sections at your grocery store? I know, that sounds like a total creeper thing to do, but you’d be surprised the food conversations and misinformation that is being spread around you while you’re just darting in to grab some green […]