Growing an AgVocacy Community

AgChat Foundation turns two years old this week. It’s been an incredible journey, and an inspiration to see the positive difference that so many have made!

Our signature events the first two years have certainly been our annual training conferences. And here’s the twitter lists of those that have participated in 2010 and 2011. We hope to see you at our recently announced 2012 conference!

What’s been most inspiring to us as an organization is the passion and commitment of so many individual agvocates. It’s a near impossible task to try to list all the accomplishments, all the successes, all the inspirations that have happened. And it wouldn’t be fair anyway, for we understand that the ag community is not only much bigger than an individual, but much bigger than any one organization, including ours.

Yet, we celebrate the success of the agvocacy movement, and everyone that plays a role in making it happen. And to do that, with this post we are going to highlight one member of that community: Trent Bown. Trent was in Nashville for our 2011 conference. Since that time, he’s created the UsFarmGuys website. Two things stand out about Trent’s work. First, not only has he highlighted and produced a very quality blog and video of his own farm, he’s also produced and featured videos for three other farming operations, and counting! Secondly, Trent didn’t do these incredible videos by himself, he had help from his wife, Holly.

Trent’s efforts uniquely showcase the teamwork required to be the best possible agvocate you can be. While the entire point of agvocacy is all about YOUR story, ultimately the best agvocates learn to share the story of others at times, be it other industries, other farming operations, other ways different than their own. And agvocacy can be so much better (and more fun!) when the skill sets of multiple people can be utilized together to accomplish our goals.

So thank you Trent, for the inspiration you provide. I asked Trent if there’s any specific thing he’d like to say and his simple quote was this: Just get out there and try. You’ll never know what you can or can’t do if you don’t try.

Yes!!!, on behalf of the AgChat Foundation, our board and committee members, staff, and volunteers, that’s our encouragement to you – get out there and try, learn, grow, keep improving, and lets make the next two years of agvoacy even better than the last two!