Farmer In The Spotlight-Judi Graff

I have been blogging since 2007. The harvest of ’09 solidified why blogging is so important to me. That year I started a blog dedicated to my new combine. My purpose was to journal the events of the fall. Little did I know it would be a historical harvest. First, I started posting about learning the new combine and its mapping system. Next a good friend was crushed in a tractor roll over. I wrote about organizing the harvesting of his crops. Then we had so much rain we had to wait for the ground to freeze to get through harvest, finishing on December 13.

If I had not blogged about all that happened, it all would be lost after memories faded. To me blogging is a written heritage to pass on to our children.

While I continue to blog, I see the need to help others in agriculture start their own blogs. It can be hard for beginners to find information. So I started to help those starting ag blogs and feature farm blogs to inspire more farmers to start.

Many in agriculture today want to advocate for the industry. There is no better way to advocate than maintaining a blog. Farmers can use Twitter and Facebook to reach a large audience; but with a blog you can go deeper. The first two platforms limit the amount of information sent out at a given time. Blogs allow agvocates to provide more detail and further explanations for any topic needing to be discussed.

Consider it like evangelism. Facebook and twitter is outreach; seeking out your audience. This is where you start a conversation. A blog is where you bring them home for deeper discussions that you can’t have on the other two.

That’s what’s so great about blogs. They give farmers and ranchers a voice for any cause or reason. Everyone in agriculture should be compelled to tell their story. Have you considered all the ramifications if you don’t tell it?

Judi Graff farms corn, beans, wheat and cattle in central Illinois with her husband and three children. Much of her time is spent hauling kids to livestock judging or cattle shows. She enjoys helping farmers start or improve their blogs.