The Chick Wire: Connecting With Consumers Through a Podcast

Recently, I went through a change. No, it wasn’t a mid-life crisis; I’m not quite there yet! But, I did have to change my name. It wasn’t a divorce or remarriage either. I’m still annoying the same guy I have been for the last 15 years. I had to change my social media handle and website name. For several years I was known as Farm Barbie, now I’m the founder of The Chick Wire.

The Chick Wire is a network of women that shares values, cultivates understanding, and inspires without judgment. That’s the overall mission statement. Now, how I go about achieving that mission is by interviewing amazing women in any career, hobby, or life story for my podcast. These “chicks” tell me their story as I interview them using values-based messaging, which in turn leads the listeners to understand and hopefully be inspired to some course of action in their own life.

Let’s face it: there’s enough bad news, nasty trolls, and awful weather and commodity prices to make your head explode. That’s why I decided to use my legal struggle and name change to be a literal voice for agriculture and promote some positivity and good in the world while integrating information about ag.

It feels like it’s always us (farmers and ranchers) against them (consumers). My lofty goal is to stop the game of Us vs. Them, and instead create a big ol’ happy campfire we can all sing Kumbaya around. With each chick I interview, I’m reaching a new audience. Her family, friends, and colleagues are tuning in to hear her episode. They decide they like it and maybe listen to a few more, or they subscribe to my podcast on iTunes and listen to the newest episode every week. It’s a slow integration of anyone from any walk of life, but I think and hope it will be the game changer of ag-understanding in this country. As each chick is telling her story, I’m adding in snippets of my own story, my farm, or things I’ve learned from other farmer friends. Listeners hear a little bit every week about farmers and farming, and can slowly begin to trust me as a voice for agriculture, and overall trust the American farmer like they used to.

Podcasting is very underrepresented in agriculture. Many folks don’t even know what a podcast is! I can think of only a handful of podcasts that even have something to do with farmers or farming. It’s a form of media that is quickly developing, and in fact, podcasting is the new it-thing, especially with millennials. Case in point: my husband (39 years old) still listens to our local AM radio station because it’s the only station he can get in many of our tractors. Once I showed him how to use the podcast app on his iPhone, and search and subscribe to podcasts like mine, he began listening to different types of podcasts all the time. I like to fold laundry, sweep floors, cook, and drive the kids to practices and games with a podcast playing in my pocket. I’m learning something while being entertained and getting my work done at the same time, which is much better than just listening to music. I’m a big fan of podcasts!

Now, down to the nuts and bolts of podcasting: it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it! I must admit, I didn’t figure it all out on my own. I hired a small business technology consulting firm to help me get started, and they showed me how to do it all. I use a quality hand-held voice recorder for my in-person interviews, and Skype with a set of headphones for my phone-call interviews. I have Garage Band on my Mac, which I use to create and edit an episode. I manage my website using squarespace, and simply upload the audio file to my blog page, along with pictures and show notes, and it’s automatically connected to iTunes. In fact, iTunes has tons of helpful and handy guides to help you get started. The hardest part is actually conducting the interview with the chick, because I’m not a journalist or a professional interviewer. I’m just a mom on a mission. A big company thought they could silence me, but they didn’t know whom they were dealing with. They might have won the battle over a name, but they didn’t win the war over me. Agriculture is something worth fighting for and this Barbie has a lot more fight in her!

Have you heard of The Chick Wire Show yet? If not, feel free to head on over to iTunes (or wherever you want to listen to podcasts), and simply search “The Chick Wire.” You can listen to one episode at a time, or subscribe and automatically listen to the latest “chick” show every time I release a new episode.

Thanks for tuning in! Toodaloo!