Avoiding Social Media Burnout

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, you name it, there’s a social media platform out there for it. So many in fact it can feel more than overwhelming to need to be a part of all of them. Here’s my little piece of advice to avoid feeling the social media burn out. You don’t have to be on every platform.

Every platform is different. Bringing it’s own style, audience and interaction. Each one feels a little bit different. As you go through your journey of Agvocating more than likely you are going to gravitate towards the platforms you feel most comfortable with. When you are familiar and at home with the platform it really allows your true voice to shine through. Instead of worrying about the platform you can focus on the story you want to tell.

It’s ok to say no! There’s definitely a feeling that if you aren’t on every platform you are missing an audience or won’t get noticed. At the same time if it feels like torture to keep up with a platform, then it’s perfectly fine to utilize other routes or just not have a presence there. For myself as Guernsey Dairy Mama I have a hate, love relationship with Twitter. 140 characters and fast paced, it’s just not my style and you wont see me very often tweeting anything original. I found another route with Twitter by linking my Facebook posts. That way I’m findable on Twitter, but don’t have to put effort into a platform I don’t enjoy. There are plenty of other Agvocates out there rocking Twitter, and I am a ok with that!

Social Media should be fun and enjoyable. When you take on too platforms it tends to take the fire out of telling your story. Pick the platforms you enjoy the most and stick to those. When you are enjoying what you’re sharing that enthusiasm will show through those posts.

Don’t let all the platforms under the sun create an eclipse for your social media journey. Pick your favorites, stick to what feels true to you, and rock it! That way you won’t feel burnt out with platforms you don’t even enjoy. Leaving you more time to focus on sharing your story.

Darleen Sichley is a third generation dairy farmer in Oregon. Her passion and dedication for the dairy industry comes from wanting to see it sustain for future generations, she believes a part of that is now bridging the gap with consumers by telling her story. She blogs about life with 3 generations working together everyday for the best care possible of their Guernsey Ladies.