Agvocating at the Fair

There is no better place to share your farm/ranch story with your local community than the fair. A simple conversation could start from the t-shirt you are wearing or by sponsoring the sale of child’s 4H animal.

Here are some simple ways to ignite the conversation:

  • Join the fair board to get involved and help with educational areas of the fair.
  • Create educational posters. Print simple DYK facts about your farm/ranch and laminate. I like to keep handouts from conferences or events I have attended, laminate them and post them around the dairy barn for fair goers. In the photo below you will see dairy handouts from Best Food Facts and CommonGround.
  • Wear farm/ranch attire with your farm/ranch name. Something as simple as a t-shirt or hat with your farm name/logo on it will help people put a face to the farm and possibly spark conversations.
  • Sponsor another child from another barn’s animal sale. Each year a fellow dairy farmer we know purchases an animal from another barn. So one year he might purchase a rabbit or even a pig. Making the community aware of your farm and showing you care is so very important. Many of the kids that show small animals are not familiar with larger scale farming so this could easily bridge that gap.
  • Make educational material available as people pass through your barn. Contact your local check off, typically they can help in this area. Each year in our dairy barn, we have an educational table full of coloring books, pencils, stickers and educational material for fair goers. Our local dairy check off provides all of the materials.
  • After the fair, write a letter to the editor of the local paper. Make sure to include a few photos and DYK facts about your farm/ranch. OR even write it before asking the community to stop in and chat.