Agchat On Planting Choices

It’s spring time and the fields are being prepared for planting. But what to plant? How do farmers decide when to plant? And what actions are taken to enhance the environment? Planting choices are the subject of this week’s #AgChat conversation.

  • Planting decisions (what to plant) are based on what?
  • Do you plant Biotech corn? What is the biggest reason you choose to/not to use the tech?
  • With planting season so far in progress, what’s everyone’s opinion on double cropping this year?
  • Do USDA projections alter your planting plans?
  • With 28% of the corn crop already in the grown, what will be the effect on futures?
  • Who or what do you look to help decide the first day to start planting?
  • What’s the strangest/funniest or most surprising question you’ve ever been asked about planting? Or misperception re your crops?
  • What is the earliest or latest you’ve ever finished spring planting?
  • What are your thoughts on the lawsuits that some technology providers have brought against farmers?
  • How much tillage do you do before planting and why?
  • What’s one thing you can share with the non-farm public about #plant12 & your farm in the week ahead?