30 Days: The Best 6 Twitter Tips

Twitter is by far the best social media platform around. The best thing about using Twitter for agvocacy is that you are able to reach a whole new audience. Clearly this is just my opinion but check out these 6 tips and you may just agree with me by the end of this post.

Here are 6 tips to make the best out of your agvocacy adventure:

  1. Follow and engage with people who are in your ideal audience. Retweet people that you are interested in connecting with and they may notice you and start following back. Engage in conversation with people that have a lot of followers in the audience you are targeting. If you engage in conversation with someone who has a large audience, their followers will notice you as well.
  2. Create Lists! This will make your life easy, promise me. If you are following a large number of people, building lists will keep things organized. I have many lists such as, friends, Ag, fitness, food. It is also great to start a list for certain conferences you are attending as it allows you to get to know and see all those who will be attending with you.
  3. Keep your tweets interesting. No one wants to listen to you whine, complain, or list out your daily tasks. The more interesting or funny your tweet, the more interaction you will get.
  4. Use good photos. There is something to be said about a good, quality photo. People love looking at pictures and sharing pictures for that matter. If you have a good picture that goes with your tweet be sure to add it! People are more likely to stop and look at your tweet when there is a photo instead of scrolling right past.
  5. Third party tools to help keep you up to date and organized. Bit.ly is a great tool to let you tweet a URL without it showing the whole length of the web address. You only have 140 characters so it is a great tool to utilize! SocialOmph and Buffer allow you to schedule tweets so that you aren’t filling your followers with a ton of tweets at a time. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are great at keeping multiple profiles in one place. You can be following a hashtag and newsfeed all on one screen.
  6. Don’t be the egg. Nobody follows an egg head. Your picture and bio are more important than you think – don’t risk being called an egg head because you left your profile as the default egg image provided by Twitter. Use a picture that allows people to connect and relate to you. It makes you more approachable and “followable”. Be sure to have a bio. When someone follows me, the first thing I do is find their bio and see if they are someone interesting I would like to follow back. Give your followers a quick idea of who you are and what you’re about.

I hope you find these tips useful and help you utilize twitter to its fullest! It is one of the easiest platforms to help you “reach beyond the choir”. Enjoy!

A midwestern girl, Taysha Reitzel dedicates her life to making the most out of every minute. She works full-time in the Ag industry while also frequenting cattle shows, advocating for agriculture, being a rockin’ aunt and new puppy mom. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and passions in agriculture while competing for a record in owning the most cowboy boots EV-ER and obsessing over the Michigan State Spartans, the color turquoise and of course, bacon! Connect with Taysha on her blog Dirt Road Charm, Twitter and on Facebook.