Our Sponsors

The AgChat Foundation is a 98% volunteer organization that depends on the generous financial support of corporate and individual sponsors to operate. We are very thankful for the contributions of those listed here. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact Jenny Schweigert at execdir@agchat.org.


Four Star Sponsors


Thank you to sponsor Farm Credit




Three Star Sponsors


Thank you to sponsor Alltech



Thank you to the National Pork Board for your support of ACF!



Two Star Sponsors

  • Brim Tractor
  • Northwest Farm Credit
  • National Cooperative of Young Farmers
  • Stroller USA
  • American Farm Bureau Federation

One Star Sponsors

  • AgStar Financial
  • Oregon Ryegrass Council
  • Oregon Tall Fescue Council

In-Kind Sponsor

We greatly appreciate the support of the following organizations and professionals. Their generosity in the way of in-kind support includes professional services, travel, speaking and promotion on the Foundation’s behalf. Without these resources we would be unable to operate.
  • Cause Matters Corp.
  • Charleston | Orwig
  • John Blue, Truffle Media
  • KatPinke Consulting
  • ZimmComm New Media, LLC

Thank you to our sponsors!