Why Do I AgVocate? -Diane Loew

What is your role in agriculture? I am a dairy farmer. I used to say I was a dairy farmer’s wife but I now see myself as a partner in the business. When my children were young I was more of a bench player. Now, I do the office work, some field work, help with […]

Farmer’s Stories

Valent is searching for the farmer or rancher who is the most successful. Chk out the insturcionts! - AgChat.org

#RelentlessAsYou Contest!

You work hard, right? Our newest sponsor, Valent. At Valent, they know what you go through on a daily basis and why you can be described as #Relentless. Some farm until 2am, some all night, through the rain and on a rare occasion, snow, with very little reward. As you begin prep for planting in […]


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