#FoodThanks Outreach

Whether it’s the harvest on the family farm or dish on the dinner table we are all thankful for food during year-round and especially during the holiday season. The #FoodThanks outreach program began in 2010 by the AgChat Foundation. By utilizing Pinterest and Twitter, social media users from all sectors of the ag and food community can share their appreciation for food.

agchat, farmers, thanksgiving, giving thanks, foodthanksFor the third year in a row, we are taking time during the holidays to inspire conversation about and appreciation for the food we eat and the people who produce it,” says Darin Grimm, president of the AgChat Foundation. “Social media platforms provide a space for voices from the whole food system to be expressed, not just voices from agriculture.” 

New this year is the addition of social media channel, Pinterest, as it joins Twitter in the food appreciation movement. Participants can follow the #foodthanks board on Pinterest and “pin” must-try recipes, food photos and other related images to the virtual bulletin board, as well as comment on what others have pinned.

“Pinterest is visual in nature, so it creates the opportunity to see and discuss the images people from farmers to chefs to food companies to moms are pinning related to the food system,” says Emily Zweber, executive director of AgChat Foundation. “I’m pinning things like healthy recipes from chefs, tasty desserts from bloggers, and beautiful stories of farmers and ranchers who grow our food.”

How can you help?

Visit  www.foodthanks.com, the official website for #FoodThanks and you will be led to either Pinterest or Twitter sites to begin using the hashtag and adding to the conversation. We hope to see you there!