Agvocates (agricultural advocates) are the horsepower that created the AgChat Foundation and they are also the future of the organization.

When the AgChat Foundation was launched in April 2010, it was based on a lot of ideas farmers had around “empowering farmers and ranchers to connect communities through social media platforms.” That became the mission of the Foundation.  Projects and programs are building as fast as our volunteers can get them done well.  We have clear evidence of farmers and ranchers speaking up as well as individuals and companies offering financial and services support.


A group of volunteers have come together on the board of directors, the advisory board and committees. The Faces of the Foundation page includes a glimpse at the members of the boards. Of course we are blessed with lots of volunteers who add greatly to the work of these boards.

Farmers & Others Telling Ag’s Story

We are collecting a blog roll of some of the social media outlets farmers and others are currently using to tell the individual story of agriculture. We will feature an ag page and ag video on the homepage of, but wanted to provide additional links as well. If you’d like to have your farm blog, YouTube or Facebook page featured in this list, please email us ( We will list those who tell agriculture’s story and may eliminate links if they do not show respect for different forms of agriculture as that is central to the AgChat vision – all types of agriculture have a role in the discussion.

Financial & Services Support

We currently have a number of individuals, companies and organizations who have decided to support the foundation broadly or the August training conference specifically through financial means or in-kind services needed.  Our policy is that sponsorships will not influence programming or direction of the Foundation.  We appreciate the founding sponsors listed below and look forward to having additional supports from all agricultural perspectives.

Personal Contributors


  • Mark McHargue
  • Cheryl Stubbendieck


  • Matt Boucher
  • Jeff Fowle
  • Kevin Hoyer
  • Janice Person
  • Mica Veihman


  • Mike Haley
  • Jeff Pulver

Corporate/Event Sponsors

  • AGCO**
  • Alltech*
  • American Farm Bureau Federation*
  • Michigan Farm Bureau*
  • Midwest Labs*
  • New Holland*
  • NutriDense*
  • Servi-tech*
  • TN Farm Bureau*
  • TruffleMedia*
  • Tyson**

In-Kind Sponsorships

(includes professional services, travel & speaking on the Foundation’s behalf, etc.)

  • Cause Matters Corp.
  • Charleston | Orwig
  • Eliz Greene, Embrace Your Heart Wellness Initiative
  • Dairy Management Inc.
  • Dan Toland, Communications Specialist, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
  • Darin Grimm
  • Harvest PR
  • Janice Person
  • John Blue, Truffle Media
  • KK Bar Ranch
  • Mark Gale, Charleston|Orwig
  • Mike Haley
  • Nate J. Taylor
  • Pennsylvania State University Department of Dairy and Animal Science
  • Raylin Dairy
  • Real Agriculture
  • ZimmComm New Media, LLC

Thank you to everyone who has offered their support and energy to further then AgChat Foundation’s mission.

Won’t you join us in empowering agriculture’s voice?

Click on the PayPal button to contribute. Or, you can contact the farmer leaders of the Foundation at