Get Involved

Connecting via social media sites like Facebook, TwitterLinkedInand YouTube has been the first step for many.  We will continue to build this through these groups and our website –  We’re excited about getting new ideas from all the members of the community to see how we can grow the number of farmers agvocating through social media. To increase our efforts we need both volunteers and financial sponsors

Donating Your Time & Expertise

We also have committees designed around each of our program areas which volunteers are encouraged to contact via email (linked below)

  • Agvocacy 2.0 Training seeks to provide farmers basic, mid-level & expert training to move mindsets up the technology ladder.  It will help farmers understand social media as an avenue to reconnect with public and put a face on the table.  And assist farmers in learning how to effectively and safely use the existing social media tools. Basic training with webinars, mid-level training at a conference and advanced training with a mastermind will assist farmers in determining which social media tool(s) will be most effective for them.  The Foundation will continue to develop skills in this arena as it seeks to stay ahead of the curve on social media training and trends.
  • Technology Scholarships will assist in equipping farmers with infrastructure to enable full use of social media.  This infrastructure can be as complex as providing a voice and resources in the effort to expand rural broadband or as simple as digital video and smartphones.  All of these components are used to effectively tell one’s story online and scholarships will assist in increasing activity.
  • Strategic Agvocacy Campaigns have allowed farmers and others in agriculture to amplify agriculture’s voice through coordinated efforts.  AgChat Foundation will provide guidance, insight and support for campaigns benefitting American Agriculture.   Some of the farm agvocacy campaigns that have already proven successful are #thankafarmer & #moo.  These campaigns have demonstrated the value of connecting directly with the non-farm public.
  • Data Analysis provides tools to assist agvocates with targeted community efforts and allows farmers to grow in their individual effectiveness.  AgChat Foundation can provide expertise on list generation, brand monitoring and impact of campaigns for people and businesses.

Financial Support

We also are seeking organizations, business and individuals who are willing to provide funding. We are a non-profit seeking 501(c)(3) status at present.
  • Personal contributions can be made through PayPal.
  • Companies interested in sponsorship are asked to contact the Foundation leadership via email.
Investments may be directed to the following areas, guided by the farmer-led board of directors.
  • Seed funding
  • Conference sponsorship
  • Training scholarships
  • General fund support
  • Webinar sponsorship
  • Technology scholarships
  • Conference sponsorship
  • Social media analytics
Sponsors will not influence programming or content. Some sponsorships may be designated to a specific geographic region or type of farm.