Faces of the Foundation

The AgChat Foundation is a community powered by 99% volunteers. With a collaborative mission of connecting consumers to their food, our volunteers work together to educate farmers and ranchers so they may effectively share their stories. Below you will find a listing of our board of directors and committees which drive the Foundation.

We currently in need of volunteers who can assist by moderating #AgChat/#FoodChat conversations and blogging contributors. Please visit our moderator request form if you are interested in moderating a chat.

Board of Directors:

  • Jeff VanderWerff, Farmer, President
  • Marie Bowers Stagg, Farmer, Vice-President
  • Zach Hunnicutt, Farmer, Treasurer
  • Brian Scott, Farmer, Secretary
  • Ryan Weeks, Farmer, Farmer
  • Michele Payn-Knoper, Farmer & Professional Speaker
  • Kathy Swift, DVM, Veterinarian
  • John Blue, Digital Ag Media Producer and Publisher at Truffle Media
  • Leah Brakke, Communication Manager at Black Hills Gold
  • Krista Stauffer, Dairy Farmer
  • Brooke Haney, Digital and Content Strategist
  • Elizabeth Burns-Thompson
  • Brandon Whitt, Farmer

Marketing Committee:

  • Brooke Haney, Digital and Brand Strategist
  • Leah Brakke, Black Hills Gold
  • Amy Wathen, Pink Tractor
  • Jodi Oleen, Kansas Pork
  • Alec Winmill, Botlink
  • Jeff VanderWerth, Farmer

Finance/Sponsorship Committee:

  • Marie Bowers Stagg, Chairperson
  • Ryan Weeks
  • Michele Payn

2016 Cultivate & Connect Global Conference Committee:

  • Krista Stauffer, Dairy Farmer, Chairperson
  • Michele Payn, Cause Matters
  • Dr. Kathy Swift, Veterinarian
  • Katie Pinke, ThePinkePost.com
  • David Butler, Alltech
  • Lauren Neale, Tennessee Beef Industry Council & Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association
  • Brooke Haney, RuralGoneUrban.com
  • John Blue, Truffle Media
  • Jan Hoadley, Farmer, SlowMoneyFarm
  • Ryan Weeks, Farmer, Weeks Family Farms
  • Brian Scott, Farmer, TheFarmersLife.com
  • Jodi Oleen, Kansas Pork Association
  • Elizabeth Burns-Thompson, Iowa Corn

Western Regional Agvocacy Conference Committee:

  • Marie Bowers Stagg, Farmer, Bashaw Land & Seed, OregonGreen.com, Chairperson
  • KayDee Gilkey, Farmer, AgInfo.net
  • Krista Stauffer, Farmer, TheFarmersWifee.com
  • Anjanette Shadley, Western Canal Water District
  • Erik Wilson, My Job Depends On Ag
  • Steve Malanca, My Job Depends On Ag
  • Jenny Holtermann, Almond Farmer, almondgirljenny.com

AgChat/FoodChat Committee:

  • Brooke Haney, RuralGoneUrban.com, Co-Chairperson
  • Joe O’Connell, Editor Steak Perfection, Co-Chairperson
  • Brian Scott, Farmer, TheFarmersLife.com
  • Jan Hoadley, Farmer, SlowMoneyFarm
  • Michele Payn, Cause Matters Corp.
  • John Blue, Truffle Media
  • Marie Bowers Stagg, Farmer, Bashaw Land & Seed, OregonGreen.com

AgChat/FoodChat Conversation Moderators:

  • Brian Scott, Farmer, TheFarmersLife.com
  • Joe O’Connell, Editor of Steak Perfection
  • Jan Hoadley, Farmer, SlowMoneyFarm
  • Michele Payn, Cause Matters Corp.
  • John Blue, Truffle Media
  • Jenny Schweigert, TheMagicFarmHouse.com
  • Lara Durben, Minnesota Turkey Growers Association
  • Meg Kelly, Swine technician at Hord Livestock Company
  • Melissa Woolpert, Vermont University
  • Dr. Kathy Swift, Veterinarian
  • Louise Carduner
  • Hannah Neuenschwander
  • Michele Walfred
  • Belva Parr
  • Meg Kelly
  • Emily Meredith