Why Do I AgVocate? -Kellie for AG

What is your role in agriculture?

My role in agriculture is producing delicious beef products. I’m a start to finish cow/calf farmer.

What was your inspiration for becoming an agvocate?

My inspiration for becoming an agvocate was my love for my cattle. I was so sick of rumors, lies, and incorrect videos surfacing and putting my passion into a bad ‘light’. Who were these people to tell our story? Who do they think they are? They’ve never stepped on the farm. They never experienced a day in the life of a farmer so how in the world could they tell our story. So I did what anyone would do and I started telling the REAL story. The good and bad sides of farming. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but at least after reading my blog they have been given correct information and can form their opinion then.

What is your favorite part about being an agvocate?

I absolutely LOVE sharing pictures of my cows and people telling me how pretty they are! I’m so proud of my herd and love that others love them too! I’m glad I can share my cow obsession with others. I love that people can see a different side on the farm. They can see into my life as a farmer.

What is the most challenging part of being an agvocate?

The most challenging part of being an agvocate, for me, is sharing about the hard days on the farm. It’s hard enough for me to accept that I couldn’t save a calf, but then have to write about it and possibly be ridiculed for it is very hard for me. Losing a calf on the farm is one of the hardest things for me to deal with and even harder to try to explain that I did everything I could. Some people won’t understand, but some will. Readers will respect you more for telling your story and telling them exactly what happened.

What advice for other farmer/ranchers who would like to become more involved in agvocacy?

Don’t be afraid to tell your story. Your farm matters. Your family matters. And people care. They want to know what you do on your farm. You don’t have to have a huge farm to have a story, I sure don’t.

What is your biggest takeaway or memory from an AgChat event or Twitter chat?

My biggest takeaway from AgCat in general is to let yourself open up. Don’t be afraid to answer questions. Don’t be afraid to tell your story. Don’t be afraid to add your ‘two cents’.

What does the AgChat Foundation mean to you?

AgChat Foundation means partnership to me. Partnership with consumers. Partnership with farmers. Partnership between farmers and consumers. AgChat helps take away blank space between consumers and farmers and fills that space with information, facts, tips, and real life situations.


Kellie for AG

Kellie for Ag is a young woman, Kellie Gregorich, from Iowa who is constantly learning about raising cattle and working alongside her father on their family farm. She is a 4th generation farmer and proud of where she has come from. She raises Shorthorn, Hereford, and Miniature Hereford cattle on her farm. Kellie is cow obsessed and not ashamed to admit it. She is a graduate from Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural Communications and has her Masters of Beef Advocacy. Kellie enjoys playing the clarinet, taking pictures, and driving her grandfather’s John Deere 3020 on beautiful days.

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