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Today we are spotlighting the first five blogs and/or Facebook pages left in last Saturday’s “Saturday Sharefest!”

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Learn from the Prezi Queen

It always gets me going when I hear of advocates presenting their stories to civic groups, schools, churches, etc… When we talk about Laura Daniels, presenter at the 2014 Cultivate & Connect conference Aug. 21-22, 2014 beyond the choir, I love using this technique to tell the story of agriculture and making a long-lasting impression. Through the years, I’ve spent my fair share of time listening to presenters and I’d have to say one of my favorites is the closing keynote of last year’s annual AgChat Foundation conference.

Dairy farmer Laura Daniels hit a home run with her presentation relating hitch pins to sharing our stories. The keynote was inspiring, motivating and heart warming, to say the least. It was such a unique, attention grabbing presentation. She zoomed in and out of photos of her farm and kids, highlighting what would be bullet points in traditional presentations. I was drawn to the screen and torn between watching Laura or keeping my eye on the show. I later learned that her presentation was created using the online program Prezi. For a creative spirit like myself, I was in awe and wanted to get my hands on the program as soon as possible and sit Laura down in a coffee shop so I could pick her brain.

Fast forward to this past winter as I prepared a session on Community Building. Without having the opportunity to chat with Laura, I purchased a how-to book on using Prezi. While it was helpful to an extent, I’m a visual learner and learn best when someone walks me Example of Community Building  on Prezi with Jenny Schweigert - a task. Even so, I took a stab at preparing the session in Prezi. Was it Laura Daniels material? No, but it gave me just enough of a taste to know that with a little additional training, this will be my future presentation resource.

Imagine my excitement when I learned Laura would be returning to the 2014 Cultivate & Connect conference to present on how-to use Prezi! I’m in love with this program and chomping at the bit to listen and learn more at Laura’s presentation. If you would like an opportunity to hear Laura speak, be sure to register for the 2014 Cultivate & Connect conference before July 1st!

written by Jenny Schweigert


Jen Schweigert - TheMagicFarmHouse.comJenny serves as the AgChat Foundation Communications Director while helping manage her family’s small hobby farm in central Illinois. In addition to, she can be found blogging about life on the farm, Jersey dairy cattle, hunting and her boys, all at

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Good luck to all participants!

Ray Bowman – Meeting Face To Face Helps Develop Stories

Ray Bowman - Meet People at Cultivate & Connect conference in Austin, TX Aug 21 & 22 Conversation with Ray Bowman – Ray Bowman, is a farmer and a media professional. He uses social media to highlight the day to day things that people in agriculture work thought and deal with. We are pleased to announce that Ray will serve as the 2014 Cultivate & Connect conference emcee and will be presenting the session, “Podcasting: Basics and Beyond.” In this interview, Ray offers tips and suggestions on what to expect when attending the Cultivate & Connect conference. He strongly believes the conference is a way to really meet up with people face to face and learn more about creating and telling agriculture focused stories [audio].

Don’t miss out on meeting Ray Bowman at the 2014 Cultivate & Connect Conference! Seating is limited so register early!

Direct link to MP3 audio.

Brian Scott – Telling About The Farmer’s Life

Brian Scott - Meet People at Cultivate & Connect conference in Austin, TX Aug 21 & 22 Conversation with Brian Scott – Brian Scott is a fourth generation family farmer who uses social media to share what happens in a farmer’s life. Through his blog, on Facebook, and Twitter, he shares interesting posts about equipment, his family, dogs, ag technology, and the occasional raccoon in the grain hopper.

In this conversation, Brian shares how he approaches questions from people not familiar with agriculture. He says he speaks to what he knows and how they do things on their farm. One topic of interest is popcorn: Brian’s family grows popcorn and it is a direct conversation starter with many people [audio].

Seating is limited at the 2014 Cultivate & Connect conference so register early!

Direct link to MP3 audio.