6 Tips for Gaining Financial Support to Attend the 2014 Cultivate & Connect conference

Attending conferences can be a huge turning point as an advocate of agriculture. In fact, Carrie 6 Tips for Obtaining Sponsorship www.agchat.orgMess (aka Dairy Carrie), was inspired to begin the popular DairyCarrie.com blog following an AgChat Foundation conference. Conferences offer the opportunity to build life-long relationships, gain new skills and expertise while also being ignited with passion for advocating for agriculture. Unfortunately, one of the reasons for not attending can be financial constraints. However, forming partnerships with like-minded companies is always a win-win situation. You may be asking, “but how do I form those partnerships?”

Here are some tips:

1.) Identify a list of companies which fit your agriculture expertise.

2.) Connect with those companies on any and all social media platforms. Use private messaging as a way to obtain the appropriate email address to send communications.

3.) Research the companies and become in tune with their advocating efforts.

4.) Create a proposal for forming a partnership which specifically explains how you can provide value to the company. This might include:

  • Providing a pre-determined number of tweets about the company.
  • Writing a blog post(s) supporting the company – the post(s) may feature the companies brand, latest products, deals/specials and includes links back to the company’s website.
  • Providing a pre-determined number of sponsored Facebook posts
  • Providing ad space on your blog or website – you can offer different size ad spaces and vary the length of advertising (3 month, 6 month, etc…)
  • Offer to wear clothing with their logo and tagline to the 2014 Cultivate & Connect conference
  • You may also include different levels of sponsorship

In your proposal you will want to specifically list how the allocated funds will be used – registration, travel, lodging, food, etc…

5.) Make sure your blog and social media platforms are up-to-date and complete.

6.) Keep in mind that rejection is always a possibility but with persistence you will succeed. Understand that you may receive four no’s before receiving a yes.

What other tips can you share for obtaining sponsorship?

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