Increase your Facebook Farm or Ranch Fan Page Exposure

Raise your hand if you’ve grown frustrated by Facebook’s changes to the algorithm? Almost everyone, including the AgChat Foundation fan page, have experience drastic decreases in Share your farm or ranch Facebook fan page on the ACF's Saturday Sharefest. Visit www.AgChat.orgtraffic on their fan pages. While Facebook probably needs to have some way to pay the light bill, it makes it difficult for advocates such as you. So what are some other options?

1.) If you haven’t already, begin a e-newletter. Be consistent and dedicated to providing valuable information. Sending the newsletter is one step, getting the person on the other end to open it is another. If you offer value in your newsletters you’ll see higher open rates.

2) Focus on engagement rather than views. Instead of focusing on the number of likes your Facebooks receive, concentrate on churning engagement. Ask questions such as “I like __________. Share if you too, support __________, like if you disagree. Also, ask for help! People love to help. For example, if you are looking for a new feed for your sheep, ask for others’ opinions.

3) Participate in group communities. Go to the groups column on the right-hand side of your Facebook profile, hover just to the left of the word Groups. A link that says more will appear. Once clicked you’ll see a list of groups you are a member. At the top it will show a “Suggested Groups” as well as a link for “Friends’ Groups” and “Nearby Groups.” This is a great way to learn about new communities and connect with those beyond the choir.

4) Become a Google+ user. Easier said than done, as it can be a tricky interface. However, make it a goal to spend a little time each day on the platform. What we have experienced is that while Facebook numbers have decreased, posts on Google+ have increased. An added bonus, is that posting on Google+ improves SEO on your blog and if directed to your Facebook Fan Page, may increase engagement. Give it a try!

5) Participate in Saturday ShareFest events or Linky parties. The SITSGirls (a great resource for reaching beyond the agricultural choir) offer an event on their website where you link up your blog. We offer an event where you can leave your Facebook Fan Page for others to see and share with their friends. 

Speaking of our Saturday Sharefest Celebration…this week, we are featuring all of the fan  pages which were listed on the post. Be sure to take a peek at this week’s featured fan pages! Watch for the next Saturday Sharefest coming soon!