March 11th, 2014 – AgChat on Water, Water, Water

AgChat on Water, Water, WaterFeeling High and Dry? In many parts of the US, water is taken for granted. But there are concerns about the future “easy access” to water. In the last few years the concerns about water for agriculture have gained national prominence, mainly through the news about fires and lack of hay for cattle. This AgChat conversation shares some thoughts on what farmers and ranchers are doing to take on the challenges the lack of water brings.

Complete Twitter conversation for AgChat on Water, Water, Water.


  1. […] With so much talk about water, the AgChat Foundation hosted a Twitter chat focused on water on March 11.  I and other participants used the hashtag #agchat to discuss water issues for an hour and a half.  Much of the discussion centered on how farmers across the country are implementing water conservation practices, but there were questions about nutrient and chemical loss reduction, the costs of water and challenges and concerns of water availability and quality.  The AgChat water chat questions and a link to the full Twitter conversation can be found here. […]