Tyson Donates $50,000 to #RancherRelief

Its almost an instinctive behavior, one that brightens your soul, melts your heart and plants your feet firmly on theRancher Relief sometimes rugged ground, as you proudly stand. It often occurs when life has shot someone down and brought them to their knees. It could even be compared to breathing. Its just something that happens. And, yet, I’m always amazed. When I think there’s not possibly anything more than can be done, you find a way. When I think I could not be more proud, you continue to fill me up. When I think the community can’t possibly unite any tighter, you squeeze closer. You are the agriculture community.

Last night our community was drawn together to help ranchers who have been devastated by Winter Storm Atlas, Oct. 4-7, 2013. And, again, I was amazed. Not only did the community exceed the goal of raising $50,000, generously donated by Tyson Foods, there were over SIX MILLION impressions generated during the one-hour chat (6,221,188 impressions to be exact)! In many areas, the hash tag #RancherRelief could be seen trending on Twitter and it was picked up by various non-agriculture groups.

The AgChat Foundation wishes to thank you, the agriculture community for coming out in droves during last night’s chat. Thank you to the affected ranchers who took the time to share more about this horrific event. And, a huge thank you to Tyson Foods for their remarkable support. You are all truly amazing!

Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to the affected ranchers.

Resources for other giving campaigns:

RanchersRelief.org – Within the official rancher relief website you will find an excellent list of resources. If you are interested in volunteering we encourage you to visit the site.

Heifers for South Dakota – Montana rancher Ty Linger has already received commitments for more than 200 animals, with more expected. Linger has set a Nov. 9 deadline for these donations and has plans to match them with young ranchers who have lost animals. For additional information, contacts Joey and Jen Kessel of Belfield in western North Dakota at 701-575-2230 or Judy Johnson of Sentinel Butte at 701-872-4769.

Purchase a Sweatshirts – http://agricultureproud.com/2013/10/12/update-how-to-help-ranchers-affected-by-atlas-blizzard/

Funds from the united Rancher Relief Fund established by AgChat Foundation, Tyson Foods, American Farm Bureau Federation, Charleston|Orwig and Animal Ag Alliance, will be provided to ranchers in need located in parts of South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming. 

Donations are still being accepted through December 1st and 100% of the funds (minus a small processing fee to Razoo) will be provided to the affected ranchers through a joint effort involving the Nebraska Cattlemen, South Dakota Cattlemen, South Dakota Stockgrowers and the South Dakota Sheep Growers, and a relief fund in Wyoming.

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