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Angry, livid, ticked off, blood boiling, outraged, infuriated or disgusted. I’m sure any of these words, and probably many more, describe your feelings while viewing the recent Chipotle Scarecrow video.

Situations like these are not certainly not black and white, just as there isn’t a right or wrong solution about how to Chipotle Peppermanage the information and respond. We would like to offer a few tips on how you can react to controversial situations as well as provide a growing list of blog posts from fellow agvocates and media sources.

Five Tips for Dealing with Controversial Situations

1.) Tell your story – the most qualified person to tell the story of your farm or ranch is you! When it comes to the other methods and types of other operations, be sure to employ the experts in those fields.

2.) Open your doors – continue to offer tours of your farm and ranch, inviting people from all walks of life. If you are logistically unable to do so in person, you can always offer virtual tours online and/or refer to videos produced by other agvocates.

3.) Be Pro-Farmer/Rancher – regardless of method or type of farm or ranch, we all need to work together and support diversification in food choices. Consult each other on resources and references.

4.) Build a rapport with your retractor. Find common ground from which you can begin a connecting conversation. Use this conversation as a starting point for a discussion around the controversial issue. Ask questions which might shed light on their viewpoint.

5.) Listen. Listen. Listen.

During the days following the video release, there have been a variety of approaches in response to the video.

Is there a reaction which speaks to you more than others? How do you feel about the media’s response?

Chipoltle’s Scarecrow Video Responses

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  1. I really enjoyed this response to this controversial video. Being pro-farmer/rancher is something that is hard for a lot of ag folks. The idea that your technique/niche is better than the one down the road is hard to kick. It is important to get all agvocates and agriculturalists to come together to defend an industry that literally helps the world survive. Again, great post and keep it up!