Soft, strong bonds of sharing-God Made A Farmer

‘The soft, strong bonds of sharing.’ ~Paul Harvey in God Made A Farmer

As I watched the Dodge Ram “God Made A Farmer,” commercial, these words in particular touched me. So God Made A FarmerIts the soft, strong bonds of sharing which brings the agricultural community together. Its the soft, strong bonds of sharing which helps the 98% of the world understand the origins of their food. The pride felt after the commercial was viewed could be called monumental, if not epic. Whats more, the pride felt as so many of you share your feelings about the commercial.

In case you have missed some of the resulting posts both on blogs and in the media, we’ve shared them below.

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If you have written a post about last night’s commercial, please let us know in the comments!

~Jenny Schweigert


  1. I wrote about it. Thanks, Dodge and Mr. Harvey!

  2. I did a post about what it means to us, as relatively new farmers, and how it opens so many doors to talk with our non-farmer friends.

  3. I wrote about it here:
    Thanks for gathering very heartfelt and interesting thoughts…