Highlighting ‘I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul’

We love to highlight similar groups and their missions in agvocacy. Today, please welcome I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul…

I Love Farmers . . . They Feed My Soul, believes in U.S. family farmers and ranchers and works to spark conversations about American agriculture—that’s the mission. The vision? A world where different methods of agricultural production receive respect for the abundance of foods and fibers they I Love Farmersprovide.

ILF appreciates the strength of the emotional bonds customers have with food and fiber. The all-volunteer, grassroots ILF Nation strives to ensure these bonds are not denigrated but celebrated.

The all-volunteer ILF movement began in 2009 in San Luis Obispo, California and spreads love for U.S. farmers and ranchers across the country and beyond. Though ILF targets urban young people aged 14 to 27, anyone is encouraged to jump into the agriculture advocacy efforts and raise awareness. When it comes to dialogue about our agriculture, conversations are neither too short nor unimportant.

The movement began as a response to California Proposition 2, which in November 2008 passed by a large margin (63% voted Yes, 37% voted No). Known also as the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, it requires by January 1, 2015  all farm animals not be confined or tethered in a manner that prevents them from lying down, standing up, turning around or fully extending its limbs without touching another animal or the enclosure. The passing of Prop 2 was a landmark event not only for farmers and ranchers but also customers across the country. Customers were fed misinformation, and farmers did not do an efficient job of sharing their stories about their lifestyle, their livelihood. ILF does not want agriculture’s voices to go unheard again.

That’s why our movement is built on the emotional bonds we have with food and fiber. You’ll find the website to be unique, and it functions as the hub of activity. In addition to information about agriculture, the website has merchandise for everyone, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bumper stickers, and temporary tattoos emblazoned with an in-your-face logo that’s sure to catch someone’s eye: Catch someone’s attention and talk about agriculture—simple. Most ILF apparel is 100% Made in the U.S.A., and all proceeds from sales go back into the organization and fund advocacy efforts.

ILF is a movement and you need no secret password to join. No membership fees either. All you need is a passion for food, for farmers, for agriculture! Be bold, be progressive, be creative . . . and you’re part of the movement. Share information with ILF by posting agriculturally-relevant information on our Facebook page and Twitter stream.

Another way ILF provides a voice for agriculture is hosting Where’s The Food … Without The Farmer? (WTF?) Day. In two years, over 18 universities have participated in this advocacy event. These events and others are put on by ILF’s Catalysts for Conversation, who, being sexy, hip, and cool represents the future of U.S. agriculture.

To help or join the movement that supports family farmers and ranchers, visit ilovefarmers.org or contact scott@ilovefarmers.org. Find I Love Farmers … They Feed My Soul on Facebook and Twitter @ilovefarmersorg. Spread the love!