December 18th, 2012 – FoodChat on Holiday Food

Holiday FoodHoliday Food The holiday season is upon us! What are your favorite recipes? What holiday ritual will you pass to your children? These and other topics are the conversation of FoodChat for the end of 2012.

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1 Voice to Empower Farmers and Ranchers

onevoiceWhat a year it has been for AgChat Foundation! You, our community, have tweeted, posted, blogged, plused, pinned, and danced Farmer Style to connect with our customers. Social media has been abuzz with agvocacy in 2012. The best part is that you didn’t just keep the excitement to yourself. You passed it on and paid it forward. Twenty-five farmers and ranchers formally trained other farmers and rancher through AgChat Foundation’s proven hands-on training programs. Many others of you have spoken at local commodity group meetings, helped your neighbor start a blog or even convinced another farmer to sign up for Twitter.

2012 was a challenging year for Agvocacy. Animal abuse videos continued to be published, new media used scare tactics to try to convince the public that some food products were not safe, and the voices of mistrust of American agriculture seemed to grow.

Yet instead of feeling defeated, you, farmers and ranchers, worked even harder to build relationships with those outside of our industry. In 2012 you

Campaigns like #FoodThanks brought farmers, chefs, home cooks, foodie bloggers, and more together to celebrate the blessing of food in the United States. Our weekly #AgChat and #Foodchat conversations brought farmers, policy makers and customers together to discus tough topics such as school lunch, food safety and the historic drought.

AgChat Foundation is and always will be about the community. ACF was built on the foundation of farmer and rancher volunteers, grass-roots engagement and the diversity of all of agriculture. Our farmer and rancher led board of directors want you to continue your success in 2013. Make sure to subscribe to our blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or follow us on Pinterest to get up-to-date agriculture and social media information.

Lastly, help us reach our goal of $10,000 donated from the community to further our mission.  Your generous support will allow us to continue our successful training programs, conferences and customer outreach efforts. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for all that you have done for the #AgChat community in 2012! Happy Holidays to you and your own.

Emily Zweber, ACF Executive Director.

December 11th, 2012 – AgChat Women Blogging About Ag

Women In AgWomen In Ag Do you feel there are topics only a women agriculture blogger could talk about? What are some of the activities women need to do to promote their blog? How should people in agriculture talk about agriculture while keeping non-aggies engaged? This AgChat bring together a conversation to highlight how women tell their story and share their experience in agriculture through social media.

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December 4th, 2012 – AgChat Special on #AgInAmerica in USA Today

What is Agriculture in America This #AgChat special worked with partners to bring a follow on conversation to a special supplement that USA Today inserted in major media markets titled Agriculture in America on November 30, 2012 [PDF].

Special thanks to USA Today, Mediaplanet USA,, AgLocal, Bayer CropScience, Case IH, Hagie Manufacturing, I Love Farmers~They Feed My Soul, Jeff Fowle, Meyer Hatchery, Mike Haley, National FFA, Ray Prock, STIHL Incorporated and USFRA for their support and assistance.

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We Invite You to the #AgInAmerica #AgChat on Twitter

Please join us tonight, Tues., Dec. 4th, 8-10pmET, for a special edition of our weekly #AgChat conversation on Twitter! Alongside our partners USA Today,, AgLocal, Bayer CropScience, Case IH, Hagie Manufactoring, I Love Farmers~They Feed My Soul, Jeff Fowle, Meyer Hatchery, Mike Haley, National FFA, Ray Prock, STIHL Incorporated and USFRA we will be hosting a unique opportunity for farmers, ranchers and customers to converse on the subject of agriculture-food, feed, fuel & fiber.

New to #AgChat or Twitter?

#AgChat is a weekly moderated conversation on Twitter which discusses the raising of food, feed, fuel and fiber. It’s a virtual venue for participants on Twitter to share viewpoints and ideas about the issues impacting agriculture, such as sustainability, water, communications, agronomy, animal welfare, USDA programs, mainstream media coverage and public perceptions of farming. The goal is to create an ongoing, open dialogue among the various players interested in agriculture. To participate please find some how-to’s below:

How do I get started?

If you do not already have a Twitter account, you will need to visit and complete their sign-up process. We recommend completing the profile including a photo or image.

How do these chats work?

#AgChat is part of Twitter, a free social networking and microblogging service which enables users to send and read short messages know as “tweets.” Tweets are 140-character posts sent by each Twitter user to the author’s subscribers, or followers.

How do I follow the conversation?

Next, go to and use that site to tweet during the chat. It will automatically enter the hashtag #AgChat, please also include the hashtag #AgInAmerica in your Tweets.


  • Introduce yourself, your connection to the food system (ie customer, ag producer, educator, etc…), even if you come in late or intend to just “watch” the conversation.
  • Follow the account @AgChat – the conversation will be facilitated from this account
  • Use the #AgChat & #AgInAmerica hashtags
  • Watch for questions to be posed from @AgChat (the moderator will typically announce that each question is closing and the next question is on its way)
  • Use the question number (i.e. Q1, Q2, Q3…) in advance of your response so that the people trying to follow the conversation later can identify what you’re responding to.
  • Feel free to use multiple tweets to answer a question – For instance if your question will be answered with two tweets include 1 of 2 for the first tweet, 2 of 2 for the second tweet.

For additional tips please see our FAQ section about #AgChat.

We hope to ‘see’ you there!