Viva Las Video Posts!

by Jodi Oleen, Training Committee

There has been a wave of videos in the last few weeks which showcase food and farming, in a fun and untraditional light. If you’ve not seen them yet, I encourage you to choose your favorite singer below and check one out.

There are many reasons these videos have been so successful but most importantly, moving visual images provide us another way to connect. They can unite us, make us laugh, bring us closer to tragedy and bring us out of it.

Videos give us a front row seat to the reality of someone else’s life, popcorn optional.

Using videos on your blog can be highly effective when connecting your farm or ranch those who want to learn more about their food. Yet, many of us hesitate to add this valuable tool to our blogs due to lack of know-how. This blog will serve as a quick and simple guide to insert a video into your WordPress blog. While there are many online tutorials allowing you to customize this process, we hope to show how simple the process can be.

First, open your blog post.

In another window, find the video you would like to insert and copy the URL from your address bar.

After copying the URL, return to your blog post and locate the place where you would like to put your video. Paste the URL into a line by itself.

Make sure the URL is unlinked by pressing the unlinked button in your editing bar. The button looks like similar to a broken chain. 

When the URL is unlinked, the blue URL will turn black.

Be sure the YouTube URL has no characters or spaces before or after it.

Preview your video before posting.

And now you’re famous.

Well, not really.

But we can all pretend, right?