Empower All of Agriculture on June 14th

AgChat Twive and Receive

This is going to be a very exciting week for all of agriculture. AgChat Foundation is excited to share with you a great opportunity to empower all of agriculture. And we need YOU to make it happen. That is right, this week you can make a difference in agriculture, with just a click of a button.

AgChat Foundation was selected to take part in a  nationwide giving event on Thursday,June 14th. Across the nation not-for-profit organizations will be competing to receive $30,000 in prizes in a day long Twive and Receive event. YOU can help the agriculture community come out on top. As far we can tell, AgChat Foundation was the only agriculture organization selected for this event. By winning, our agriculture community will show the nation that farmers and ranchers really do care about the mission to connect with others to tell our story.

Winning Thursday’s Twive and Receive event will also mean:

  • Support of the weekly #AgChat conversation,
  • Continuation of the premier social media training conference,
  • More regional social media training conferences in YOUR area.

We honestly do not know what it will take to win, but we do know that we have a very supportive community of agvocates just like YOU. We have a goal to have 500 agvocates donate on Thursday, June 14th.

Here is what you can do help:

On Thursday, June 14th make a donation on the AgChat Foundation Twive and Receive fundraising page. Any donation amount helps! Consider donating a dollar a day ($365). That amount will help sponsor one person to the highly successful AgChat Foundation Training Conference. If you are a past participant, you know how powerful meeting and training with other agvocates is. Give the gift of agvocate empowerment to someone else.

Share that you support agriculture and the AgChat Foundation mission. On June 14th follow and use the hashtag #Twivereceive to see AgChat Foundation’s progress on Twitter. After you make your donation grab a Twive and Receive Twibbon for your avatar. Also, make sure to share the AgChat Foundation Facebook page to let others know that you support “Agvocacy”

We are really pumped up for this event! I hope that you can join AgChat Foundation and all of agriculture on that day and show your support for our mission of empowering farmers and ranchers to connect in communities using social media platforms.

Remember: Donations must be received on June 14thAny amount helps!

Thank you to everyone who supports our mission. We cannot do it without you!