The people part of the social media puzzle

After a trip to Paris in 2000, I told my parents, “One day, I will live in France.” True to my word, I moved to the city of love in 2007 for eight months and then moved on to the Netherlands, where I worked until the summer of 2009. Sitting in an office in Amsterdam, though, I realized how much I missed my farm and my family. Agriculture called me home.

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Agvocacy 2.0 is for everyone – regardless of farm size or kind

As someone who has been active on Twitter, I have always looked forward to Tuesday night’s #agchat conversations from the very first invitation. When the announcement was made last year that there would be an AgChat Foundation social media conference, I knew I wanted to go – but I had questions.

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Find your tools and build!

I was very fortunate to have gotten involved with the AgChat Foundation last spring by volunteering on the Agvocacy 2.0 Training Conference Committee for planning last summer’s event in Chicago, Ill. While working with the other members of the committee, I thought we had planned a terrific conference and I was right. I will have to admit that I did feel a little nervous meeting my #agchat friends for the first time in person. I still considered myself at the beginner level then and was ready to learn along with other attendees from the many experts who were presenting.

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Change your social media game at #ACFC11

Take agvocating to the next level

Mobile technology and social media helps Burdette Rosendale share his farm's story from the tractor.

Attending #ACFC10 (or the AgChat Foundation Conference in 2010 for those still getting used to Twitter-speak!) brought some changes to my social media (SM) exposure and interaction. It all started with the purchase of my Blackberry. Going to the conference meant I had a reason (although maybe not a “good one”, but I rolled with it anyway!) to take that step. It wasn’t required, but I’m glad I moved up. I added Facebook to my phone immediately, which took the load off my email and gave me the chance to check in while my tractor did the straight driving for me.

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Who knows where the road may take you

I didn’t apply for the first AgChat Foundation Agvocacy 2.0 Conference until the day before the application deadline. Sure, I had lots of friends through #agchat who were talking about it and I really wanted to go. However, I was pretty sure there was absolutely no way I could afford it, I wasn’t a farmer so probably wouldn’t get in and the conference was going to be the two days right before I began my final year of college. Nope, I couldn’t go.

Obviously that didn’t turn out as planned.

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