IdeaIdeas. Some call them intellectual property and hang on to them for dear life. I get that – my business has been built on ideas for 10 years. Idea infatuation around the food plate is my specialty. However, it’s become clear to me over the last couple of years that ideas grow when more people are involved.

IDEAS ARE BETTER WHEN GROWN WITHIN A TALENT POOL. Refuse to share your idea and run the risk of its demise. I’ve never claimed brilliance for starting the weekly conversations AgChat and FoodChat two years ago; it was simply being in the right place at the right time. However, I did quickly recognize the talent pool within agriculture’s social media circles was far greater than my own skill set. There are many cool people that have come together to build the AgChat Foundation into a movement to empower more people in agriculture to tell our story. Despite what the pundits say, it is 100% volunteer. [Read more…]