#NeATA11 to Demo Twitter for Fellow Techies – Can you help?

On Wednesday, I head up to the 2011 NeATA conference (this conference is one friends say is filled with #agnerds).  What is NeATA?  NeATA is a innovative group of Nebraska producers who share a common desire to stay abreast of emerging agriculture technologies.  I attended my first NeATA conference over 10 years go.

They always have great keynote topics covering a wide range of ag technologies, everything from using GPS data for improving field operation efficiency, to integrated weather/equipment systems being used on high-value crops to prevent freezes (can’t wait for that to filter down from Washington apples to corn) as well as the latest in robotics technology.

This year the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance is keynoting on building consumer trust in today’s agriculture.  And that’s being followed by a session on social media, including a live Twitter chat.  To me, this represents the merging of the two agriculture worlds I’m most involved in — ag technology and social media/the AgChat Foundation.  Ag technology has progressed at exhilarating speeds, but I realize that it’s often that very technology and the rapid pace of change, that leads to mistrust from those not involved in agriculture.  If you’ve followed the work of the AgChat Foundation, you know its a core purpose to help bridge understanding by connecting farmers and ranchers with those who have questions about today’s agriculture.

There’s a special part of this event I’d like to invite everyone to.  We’re holding a special “live twitter chat” session for approximately 20 minutes on Wednesday Feb 9th starting sometime around 8:30 to 8:40 pm CDT.  Several folks will be tweeting live from the conference using the #neata11 tag and we will be using the conference hashtag #neata11 for the chat as well.  We would encourage anyone wanting to participate to introduce themselves and their location, to give those at the conference a demonstration of the wide diversity of folks on Twitter.

Also, if you can’t make the chat, follow the #neata11 tag this week and hear about some of the latest tools and techniques being used to produce food, feed, fuel, and fiber today!

Darin Grimm – Kansas, Farmer, Treasurer

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Darin farms with his father and a couple of valued partners raising row crops and feeding cattle in the northeast corner of Kansas.  Darin has been involved for a number of years in precision agriculture and using data to help understand and improve agronomic decisions on the farm.  “With such a small amount of the population directly connected to growing their food today, social media seems to be a vital component in helping people understand today’s farm business. My personal passion is applying the data skills I have learned from working with technology such as sensors and GPS systems to the world of social media.”


  1. Hello! Will that live chat be happening at 8:30 AM or PM?