#FoodChat this Tuesday: Eating Better in 2011

FoodChat is going to be extra interesting this week thanks to our special guest Gloria Tsang. In addition to being a registered Dietitian, Gloria is the founder of HealthCastle.com, “The largest online nutrition community community run by registered dietitians.”

Gloria said she started HealthCastle as a personal blog when a family member was battling cancer. Her mission has become helping everyone to eat well and live a healthier life. All of us can certainly relate to that.

So think about some questions you might like to ask Gloria during #foodchat.  You can follow FoodChat on Twitter and DM the questions directly to us. Be sure to join moderator @MarksKiosk from 8-10 EST Tuesday evening.


Nutrition website from healthcastle


  1. Thanks for the intro! Can’t wait to chat with all of you! Gloria