#AgChat Tuesday 2/1: Humane Farm Animal Welfare

Please join us this coming Tuesday as we discuss Humane Farm Animal Welfare with special guest Tim Amlaw.  Tim is Vice President of American Humane Certified, the leading and original farm animal welfare program in the United States.  American Humane Certified can be found on twitter under its brand @humanetouch. Mike Haley (@FarmerHaley) will be moderating on the #AgChat account.

American Humane Certified is a voluntary, fee-based service available to producers of animals in agriculture. The program provides independent, third party audited verification that the care and handling of animals on enrolled farms meet the animal welfare standards set forth by American Humane Certified. Producers who meet the standards may use the American Humane Certified label on their products.

American Humane Certified has been paving the way in farm animal welfare by working with farmers by establishing standards to follow and verifying them by providing third party audits.  In addition, they have worked with several food companies to increase the demand for products sold under their brand allowing certified farmers to receive a premium for their products.

To place a question in the cue, please send a DM to the AgChat account. Mike will be organizing questions on Monday for the convo.


  1. Apparently there are several organizations trying to establish certification programs for the humane treatment of farm animals. Another one is Humane Farm Animal Care which created the Certified Humane program. You can hear an interview with the founder/CEO, Adele Douglass, in an interview I did with here at the International Poultry Expo: http://agwired.com/2011/01/31/learning-about-certified-humane/. Should be an interesting AgChat!

  2. We had several questions submitted for tonights agchat! I have listed them below and hope to get through as many as possible during #agchat tonight:

    Are there $ studies showing ALL costs of farming methods? Incl antibiotic use, health cost to consumers? Via @KempEquine

    Why do people insist on using the word “humane” when it comes to handling livestock? via @thesdcowgirl

    How do we determine 1 housing method’s better? If more humane 2 b confined how do we promote w/o negativity? Via @SlowMoneyFarm

    Are ‘humane’ and ‘welfare’ the same thing or do they differ when discussing how animals are treated? via @khuisjen

    Should pork operations w more than 1K pigs require industrial zoning? What about poultry and Beef? via: @OrganicWriter

    Should poulty battery cages be baned, have access to open air, Ban debeaking? Require 1-acre pasture per cow? via @OrganicWriter

    AH’s vid says dairy cows are raised wo antibiotic’s. When an animal needs antibiotics (2 save life), how’s that handled? via @CAFarmersDtr

    As majority of farmers do take good care of their animals, why do we need 3rd party certification programs? via @agriblogger

    What are the differences between different 3rd party humane certification programs? via @agriblogger

    How does the ability of animals 2 exhibit natural behaviors (eg. pigs rooting) affect animal welfare? via @songberryfarm

    How does your current animal housing/care routine protect animals from harsh winter weather? Via @sollmana

    What steps do you take to ensure animals R calm & have low stress when moving them on- and off-the-farm? Via @sollmana

    What’s your relationship w/veterinarians, Extension educators & others 2 develop strong animal care plans/actions? via @sollmana

    What are the positives of different types of animal production methods? Via @sollmana

    How can farmers justify additional cost 2 have products humanely certified w/out additional revenue when sold? Via @cowartandmore

    What are some of consumers’ biggest animal welfare concerns? Via @cowartandmore

    How much added value to consumers perceive “animal welfare” certified products? Via @cowartandmore

    What can farmers do bridge divide between providing animal welfare & what’s perceive to be providing animal welfare? Via @cowartandmore

    Farmers care about humane animal care. What’s the best way to convey this & build bridges to those concerned? Via @mpaynknoper

    What winter livestock shelter issues do you struggle with? True_Cow_Tales

    Can CAFO’s be considered humane animal treatment? Via @cowartandmore

    What’s the most inaccurate perception of ur industry? What practices r the most attacked for being “inhumane” via @MNfarmmomma

    What role should third party audits play in assuring consuming public of proper animal care? Via @agpolicywonk

    Certified Humane allows chickens & pigs 2 be kept inside all the time. If this is humane, then what is “not humane”? via @HonestMeat

    What new animal care practices have u implemented on your farm lately to increase animal welfare. Via @zweberfarms

    What animal husbandry practices currently acceptable for use should no longer be allowed? Via @zweberfarms

    What animal welfare issues that r specific 2 beef industry? do u think beef producers have it a bit easier? Via @brandibuzzard

    define “humane” Via @NateJaeger

    What are your opinion’s on #OLCSB (Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board) production standards/practices. Via @NateJaeger

    How do livestock producers best show critics that we have been and do practice “humane animal welfare”? Via @AR_ranchhand

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