#AgChat Tuesday 2/1: Humane Farm Animal Welfare

Please join us this coming Tuesday as we discuss Humane Farm Animal Welfare with special guest Tim Amlaw.  Tim is Vice President of American Humane Certified, the leading and original farm animal welfare program in the United States.  American Humane Certified can be found on twitter under its brand @humanetouch. Mike Haley (@FarmerHaley) will be moderating on the #AgChat account.

American Humane Certified is a voluntary, fee-based service available to producers of animals in agriculture. The program provides independent, third party audited verification that the care and handling of animals on enrolled farms meet the animal welfare standards set forth by American Humane Certified. Producers who meet the standards may use the American Humane Certified label on their products.

American Humane Certified has been paving the way in farm animal welfare by working with farmers by establishing standards to follow and verifying them by providing third party audits.  In addition, they have worked with several food companies to increase the demand for products sold under their brand allowing certified farmers to receive a premium for their products.

To place a question in the cue, please send a DM to the AgChat account. Mike will be organizing questions on Monday for the convo.

#FoodChat this Tuesday: Eating Better in 2011

FoodChat is going to be extra interesting this week thanks to our special guest Gloria Tsang. In addition to being a registered Dietitian, Gloria is the founder of HealthCastle.com, “The largest online nutrition community community run by registered dietitians.”

Gloria said she started HealthCastle as a personal blog when a family member was battling cancer. Her mission has become helping everyone to eat well and live a healthier life. All of us can certainly relate to that.

So think about some questions you might like to ask Gloria during #foodchat.  You can follow FoodChat on Twitter and DM the questions directly to us. Be sure to join moderator @MarksKiosk from 8-10 EST Tuesday evening.


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