Prepare for the Holidays with #FoodChat

The #AgChat & #FoodChat communities are certainly a fun collection of eclectic individuals. Whether its farming or food, we welcome everyone choosing to do things their own way. The discussions on Tuesday night are to increase understanding and extend our networks. That’s exactly what this week’s moderator for #FoodChat — Shaun Haney of RealAgriculture — has in mind as he showcases his individuality in a couple of ways.

  • He decided to buck convention by picking a topic — holiday baking — that many may wrongly assume is a topic best covered by women.
  • He created a blog post and video (below) to provide an intro to help create a buzz of excitement.
  • There is something about a man in a Santa hat and a Christmas apron that just sets them apart from the mundane. If that’s not enough, he puts on a little cologne in the video so he smells as good as the cookies he’s baking!
  • Be sure you join the crowd sending in questions to @FoodChat and getting ready to trade tips during a chat on holiday baking. Whether you bake old school, are all nouveau or simply enjoy eating baked goods during the holidays, you will enjoy the conversation!

    (PS — Shaun’s inspired others too… be sure to read the comments! If you do a video reply, please set the width to 375 for the embed code, that way it will fit easily in the column.)


    1. Very creative, Shaun! Thanks for the ‘plug’! Looking forward to your insights and leadership on this


    2. I LOVE it! That video is too cute:) Hope to see you at #foodchat!

    3. I’ve watched this four times now and still laugh every time.

    4. I’m on time #3 and it has yet to get old. All I have to say is: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    5. Thanks for the inspiration to get serious in the kitchen! I’m bringing Shaun a little flour.

    6. Experts only? I think not!

    7. Sticky Date Pudding…baby! Bring it on!

    8. Since Kathy hasn’t posted her video on the topic here I will!

      And here’s Kelly’s too!

    9. After watching Shaun’s video and not having a clue what he was baking I had to show off the best cookies in the world.

      Why are they the best? Well not only because @simmyfarmgirl bakes them, but also because they are made with from lard! #oink

    10. Mace Thornton says:

      The only thing I can do well is smoke meat. Does that count?

    11. I wish I had red baldy Simmy cookies.

    12. Thanks Janice for adding my video. It was a great time!