Hundreds Coming Together To Offer #FoodThanks

Twitter accounts who have used the #foodthanks hashtag already

Thanks to John Blue of @TruffleMedia for making this mosaic

It’s that time of year when people come together to give thanks. The AgChat Foundation would like to ask that people especially take time to offer up #foodthanks.  Launched for the holidays, provides some simple steps people can undertake to express their gratitude for those people who help provide the food we all enjoy.

The website provides avatars for use on social media sites and a badge for use on blogs. And already we’ve seen additional creativity from the members of the AgChat community — personalization of avatars, a countdown of people and activities to be thankful for in tweets, photos from meals tweeted with the hashtag, sharing the story on Facebook, a twibbon you can add to a current avatar, video expressing the sentiments of an AgChat community member and we are just getting started!

Please post the address of your blog, video or other contributions here so others can easily find you and make sure you tell others that Wednesday is our big day to offer our #foodthanks!


  1. Put together a list of 100 pieces of gratitude for foodthanks- feel free to use if it will help you come up with ideas. First 50 are at, final 50 will be out on Tuesday.

  2. I put together a quick post with a video expressing my #foodthanks. I will also publish more posts as the week progresses. You can find the video and other posts here:

  3. My first post on #foodthanks talks a bit about the food that goes on our tables and the fact that my family frequently frequently serves that in dishes we have direct connections to through pottery building efforts. Our hands work the soil in a different way than farmers frequently but all efforts to bring food to the table are appreciated!

  4. My #foodthanks post. What I am thankful for.

  5. Antonio Zugno says:
  6. I have given #foodthanks today on my blog:

    I will also be giving specific list of gratitude items for my Thanksgiving Day post.

  7. Today my blog post keys in on things people can do as a way to participate in #foodthanks. I also have a new video from Monsanto that shows what some New Yorkers think of when approached about farmers & the work they do to bring food to our tables. You can see it at

  8. This is a broad-based effort. We need to get EVERYONE involved.

  9. Here are my #foodthanks sentiments as a consumer and a farmer:

    I reflect on my gratitude for technology. Which would you rather use? A pitchfork or a skid loader?

  10. Here is my first #foodthanks post. I will probably do another one this week.

  11. Ben LaCross says:

    This post was inspired by my love of eating and of the people who grow all our food- farmers!!
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  12. I have given my #foodthanks post today.

  13. The Animal Agriculture Alliance’s latest newsletter encourages folks to take time to appreciate our safe, plentiful, and affordable food supply by sharing their #foodthanks.

    Alliance Link: November 2010 –

  14. I am thankful so many American’s allow farmers and ranchers to be a part of their Thanksgiving day feast! THANK YOU to all who purchase the products raised on America’s farms & ranches.

  15. Here is the link to the post from 4Virtu Blog.

  16. As a former band geek turned ag PR flack, read why I’m giving #foodthanks.

  17. Cheryl Day says:
  18. Posting my #foodthanks at
    At our house, I teach ag at a local high school and my husband, a fifth generation farmer, is producing grain, hay, cattle and show pigs.
    Also, on Twitter…@rcvermillion.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  19. Giving #foodthanks in my ag classes and on my blog at Also enjoyed my first #agchat and it was amazing!

  20. This month I’ve asked others why they are thankful for agriculture with a daily guest post on my site all month long. Check it out! Many people giving #foodthanks.

  21. Here is what Zweber Farms is #foodthanks (ful) for.
    Happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone

  22. Here’s National FFA’s #foodthanks blog:

  23. We are expressing our #foodthanks today!

    Check it out!

  24. You can share your gratitude with those less fortunate in your community.

    Instead of flowers on your Thanksgiving table this year, use an arrangement of whole fruit.

    Then on Friday, visit to find a local food pantry in your neighborhood and donate the fruit to them.

    Let it grace your table on Thursday and feed a needy family on Friday.

    Please pass this on to your network of friends and family nationwide.

    Lastly… if you know of a food pantry in your community and they are not yet in the registry, please urge them to register. Remind them it is free and can help them get fresh locally grown garden produce (and more) for years to come.

  25. Appreciate Chuck Zimmerman tweeting this post by a dean at Penn State on hunger.

  26. Giving my #FoodThanks to the farmers that work all year round to provide me and my family with the delicious and nutritious food we eat.

  27. The last 50 1/2 pieces of my foodthanks journey are at

  28. As I prep my Thanksgiving goodies, my #foodthanks goes out to all of those that make this industry go round!

  29. My #foodthanks post shares a new way to enjoy wheat — using the whole berry. Wheat berry salad has become a family favorite. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving from our Kansas wheat farm.

  30. Jessica Strout says:

    A tip of the hat to Michele Payn-Knoper for her excellent and thorough list of foodthanks, and also to Janice Person whose blog post about giving foodthanks motivated me to do so in my blog.

  31. The #foodthanks spirit has taken over… and I looked at some of the people that help get food to my plate. In this post I thank the farmers, ranchers, distribution chain, processors, grocery store personnel, etc!

  32. My contribution to food thanks!!

    Had help from some of my twitter friends, my husband, and my mom! Plus I included thoughts of my own :)

  33. Food is the most important thing we have to be thankful for.

  34. A great idea from our friends up in Quebec, they are helping to launch a social media campaign called “The Food Drive Web” that encourages people to donate to their local food bank. The FoodThanks Project can be found here:


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