Incredible Buzz of #FoodThanks — A Look at the Numbers

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The AgChat Foundation offers a heart-felt thanks to food lovers everywhere. Our social media campaign #FoodThanks was to help remind folks of the vast diversity and abundance of our food supply, and recognize the many folks that play an active daily role in bringing that food from the farmer growing it, to the plate sitting in front of you. The effort was an almost 100% an online campaign. The idea was discussed and then a few folks began sharing the idea, a simple website ( was created, and momentum built. [Read more…]

Farmers Launch #FoodThanks Social Media Campaign For the Holidays


CONTACT: Heidi Nelson: 503.880.6313

Farmers launch #foodthanks social media campaign this Thanksgiving

AgChat Foundation’s website offers five simple tips for expressing gratitude on Twitter, Facebook and beyond

November 22, 2010 – With harvest in the rear-view mirror, forward-looking farmers and others in agriculture have been busy cultivating a new social media campaign to help Americans publicly express their gratitude for their food this holiday season. Launched in time for Thanksgiving, provides simple steps that people can take to show their #foodthanks.

“For many of us this time of the year, giving thanks for food on the table is a time-honored tradition,” says Jeff Fowle, president of the AgChat Foundation, a 100 percent volunteer organization that aims to empower farmers and ranchers to “agvocate” via social media platforms. “Our goal with the #foodthanks campaign is to provide tools and inspiration for spreading personal expressions of gratitude beyond the family table to that extended circle of friends and family in our social media networks.”

A dedicated microsite offers visitors five simple tips for showing #foodthanks, from linking off to the site from their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, to adding #foodthanks avatars to their social media sites. [Read more…]

Hundreds Coming Together To Offer #FoodThanks

Twitter accounts who have used the #foodthanks hashtag already

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It’s that time of year when people come together to give thanks. The AgChat Foundation would like to ask that people especially take time to offer up #foodthanks.  Launched for the holidays, provides some simple steps people can undertake to express their gratitude for those people who help provide the food we all enjoy.

The website provides avatars for use on social media sites and a badge for use on blogs. And already we’ve seen additional creativity from the members of the AgChat community — personalization of avatars, a countdown of people and activities to be thankful for in tweets, photos from meals tweeted with the hashtag, sharing the story on Facebook, a twibbon you can add to a current avatar, video expressing the sentiments of an AgChat community member and we are just getting started!

Please post the address of your blog, video or other contributions here so others can easily find you and make sure you tell others that Wednesday is our big day to offer our #foodthanks!

Economy 2.0? Meet ‘ifarmers’ – they plant, tweet –

The Christian Science Monitor published an article today that includes two people from the AgChat Foundation’s Board of Directors. The first couple of paragraphs are below. The article can be read in its entirety on the CSMonitor site.

JeffFowle: “Back to baling again. Dew is perfect! #hay10 #agchat”

TroyBeast: @JeffFowle “you’re baling hay at one in the morning?!”

At any time of day or night, Jeff Fowle is liable to whip out his Android smart phone and post a message to his growing base of readers. It can be about raising Angus cattle and Percheron draft horses; irrigation problems on his Etna, Calif., ranch; politics; or the reason he bales hay around midnight when the dew is uniform but not too heavy. He tweets from his office, his tractor, even from horseback.

“I can ride my horse w/o hands and bridle,” explains Mr. Fowle via Twitter, where he has 24,000 followers. (He also posts on Facebook, Buzz, and other social media.) “All leg and seat position and pressure.”

The fourth-generation farmer and rancher is part of a growing coterie of “ifarmers,” who are using new media to communicate with consumers and other farmers directly. Many use it to build their business. Fowle started using social media last year to educate people about agriculture and, as he phrases it, “put a face back on the plate.” By reconnecting with consumers, ifarmers are personalizing a food chain that over decades has grown more complex, globalized, and impersonal.

via Economy 2.0? Meet ‘ifarmers’ – they plant, tweet –

Bridging the Gap Between the Farm and Urban Areas

Both Michelle Tucker and Warren Parker participated in the AgChat Foundation’s first training conference. They both spoke at the recent 140 conference in Hutchison, Kansas about using Twitter to bridge the gap between the farm and urban areas. The video follows.