Social media comes to farm as foundation brings agriculture into online world

If you are in the Quincy, Illinois area, you should be sure you get the Sunday edition of the Quincy Herald Whig as a couple of people in the AgChat community — Burdette Rosendale and Chris Chinn — are included in an article this week.

For those not able to get their hands on a copy of the newspaper the opening section of the article follows as well as the link to the Herald Whig full article.

Burdette Rosendale smartphone AgChat Foundation

Burdette Rosendale checks social media via his smartphone between AgChat Foundation training sessions

Social media comes to farm as foundation brings agriculture into online world

AUGUSTA, Ill. — Augusta farmer Burdette Rosendale headed into a bin not long ago to scoop grain away from the stirator.

Its routine maintenance for any farmer, but this time Rosendale snapped a photo of the stirator to post online.

“I posted a short thing about what a stirator does as an effort to educate consumers. A lot of them dont understand. Pictures help tell the story and raise awareness,” Rosendale said.

Rosendale used to rely on face-to-face conversations to tell the story of agriculture.

Now he and other farmers are just as likely to tweet or post an item on Facebook, turning to social media to reach people who have questions about agriculture and often nowhere to turn but the Internet for answers.

“It’s important for farmers to get involved in social media so we can connect with consumers on a personal level to discuss what we do on our farms to produce safe food. With most people being three generations removed from the farm, and as our farms change to meet the growing demands of our growing world population, it’s vital we have conversations with our consumers so they understand what we do and why we do it,” said Clarence, Mo., farmer Chris Chinn, a board member of the Ag Chat Foundation, in an e-mail sent from her phone.

“Many people are turning to the Internet for their information today. Farmers need to have a presence on the Internet so consumers can hear directly from us about how we operate our farms.”

The recent Agvocacy 2.0 Conference, sponsored by the foundation, offered social media training to 50 people with ties to agriculture, including Rosendale, in hopes of connecting farmers with communities of consumers worldwide.

continued on the Quincy Herald Whig.


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