Social Media Conference Goes Small Town – Are You Going?

The following blog post was submitted by Michelle Tucker aka kst8er76 on Twitter and one of the participants in the AgChat Foundation Conference.

An excitement is building about the quickly upcoming Small Town #140 Conference to be held in Hutchinson, Kansas at the Historic Fox Theatre on Monday, November 1st, 2010.  This is an amazing opportunity for Kansas & specifically Hutchinson to host an international conference.  The founder of the #140 Conference, Jeff Keni Pulver from New York has held conferences in Los Angeles, New York, London & Tel Aviv among other large cities.

The idea for a small town version of the conference spawned from Becky McCray, an entrepreneur extraordinaire from Alva, Oklahoma.  She is a friend of Jeff Pulver’s and challenged him to consider having a Small Town version of his popular #140 Conference.

How did it end up in Hutchinson Kansas you may ask?   Well, Becky recently attended a bloggers conference in Hutchinson, Kansas organized and hosted by Cody Heitschmidt.   (See, Twitter is great networking!)

So after a little Twitter magic or serendipity as Jeff would say, I am excited to say I will be part of an international conference held in Hutchinson Kansas Monday.   A tremendous line up of speakers (I don’t know how I got in this group-another Twitter miracle) will share their stories with you and I’ve been told to expect a cross pollination of ideas.  There will be much agvocacy shared at the conference by familiar faces such as Warren Parker, Debbie Lyons-Blythe, Zach HunnicuttLynn Woolf, Steve Tucker and myself ( Michelle Tucker K-Stater76 – there has been confusion….long story).

If you are not already signed up for this conference, please let me know as I will see what we can do.   Also, remember if you are unable to attend, you can follow the live stream at,

I hope to see and or meet you in person at this conference, and thank you for reading my first attempt at blogging.

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  1. Michelle, thank you so much for featuring the 140 Conference, and for those very kind words! I think we’ve started something very special with this event. See you Monday!

  2. Julie Gay says:

    I am a futurist in Rochester, MN. If you need some info for non-agriculture types I am preparing small and basic files on innovation, using documents prepared by experts on what farmers have done and the innovation challenges coming down the pike.

    Thank you.

  3. Michelle, your first blogging attempt was great! Maybe you’ve now caught the ‘blogging bug’…I hope so! Good luck to you on Monday, sounds like a great event:)