10 Ways Small Business Owners Can Use New Facebook Groups

The previous blog post on Facebook pages for farm businesses received good feedback. In light of the changes with Facebook groups, we thought this post from Reach Cast may be of interest. Since Facebook has introduced a revamped Facebook groups, there are a number of people looking into what the changes mean. We’d appreciate any additional insight the ag community can offer to this post.

This week, Facebook launched a re-booted version of Facebook Groups that essentially allows you to invite small groups of friends into a private space designed just to share information with them. According to the official Facebook blog, Facebook Groups, you can post photos, chat with members, and use the group to send targeted e-mails. By default, all groups are closed, but you can choose to make them secret or open, according to Mashable.

Using Facebook Groups is a feature only available to individuals with Facebook profiles, so businesses can’t use the feature directly with their fans on business pages. But, you can create an open group that anyone can join. Or, to use it for company communication, you can simply connect with employees on Facebook to invite them. And, well-connected business owners who are personally connected with fans can create closed groups and invite fans exclusively to them.

So, as a business owner, how can you use the new Facebook Groups? Well, our team recently used the new feature to brainstorm some ideas you could use immediately!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I tried out the Groups function after it was announced yesterday. Seems like a combo of Ning and Google Wave, and to me, it appears to be what Google Wave should have been. It’s niche, controlled and simple!

    My brain has been moving at light speed thinking about how to use this for business. Some great ideas in the link!