Humanizing a Critically Important Industry From the Ground Up

Farmers telling their stories through social media and organizations supporting them are in the spotlight on a leading social media strategy blog. Thanks to Jay Baer for taking note of Know a California Farmer and for offering his help to the AgChat Foundation. We certainly appreciate his amplifying the exciting work of farmers and ranchers through Twitter, blogs, YouTube and Facebook!

Following is the intro to Jay’s blog post on the individual efforts to humanize agriculture, we encourage you to read it if you haven’t seen it yet.

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Humanizing a Critically Important Industry, From the Ground Up

October 14th, 2010 | Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments

The public dialog about agriculture in California and beyond is largely negative, with tales of agribusiness nefariousness commonplace. This is despite the fact that 98% of America’s farms are still owned by families. Farmers are literally feeding us every day, but are routinely pilloried in social media and elsewhere by a very vocal minority.

This presents a classic disconnect between perception and reality. The broad perception is that “farmers” and “farming” are code words for “gigantic corporations trying to make a fast buck”. Somehow along the way, the general public forgot the face of the local farmer. Into this breech stepped the California Agricultural Communications Coalition (CACC) – the umbrella organization representing the voice of the farmer.

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  1. The CACC isn’t the voice of a NJ local farmer. It is the NJ Dept. of Agriculture, Local Zoning Boards, and the NJ State Grange association of local farmers. Policy should start with the farmer!

  2. The CACC referred to in this article is the California Agricultural Communications Coalition.