Borg Family Tells Their Farm’s Story on Video

Recently, the Borg family farm had the opportunity to host a TV crew on their farm. The video has been posted online and several people on Twitter saw Debbie Borg (love that handle @iamafarmer2 cause she really works that farm!) tweet the link out. We asked Debbie to help us understand some of the video.

Debbie sent us the following:

I am very proud to have been a part of Phil Lempert’s FoodSense PBS special.  This gave me a great opportunity to share our family farm story.  I hardly made the special as my part is very short in the opening but am grateful for them taking the time to produce a short video about our no-till operation.

I am especially proud that it features my father-in-law who is 81 and fighting another case of pneumonia or some might just call it “farmer’s disease.”  I feel that his comments are by far the most important part, him saying, “our soil is so much better today,” because it’s the dirt’s health that keeps us farming or in today’s term sustainable.

See the video here: