What does #ACFC10 mean on Twitter?

This weekend the buzz has gotten louder…. if you follow some ag folks on Twitter, then you have probably seen some tweets with the #AFCF10 hashtag. We wanted to take a minute and explain what is going on.

What’s a hashtag? On Twitter, using the pound sign (#) and a word or abbreviation allows all users of the service to click on that term for a quick and easy search of the word. It brings all the tweets using that into one place. You can see the search even if you aren’t on Twitter, for example, here’s the #ACFC10 feed.

What is #ACFC10? This is the tag being used for the first AgChat Foundation’s Conference. We announced the training session several months ago and as previously mentioned on our blog selected 50 participants, with farmers and ranchers taking seats first & foremost. The training is focused on helping farmers who currently use social media become more effective in telling their individual story.

How can I generally learn what a hashtag stands for? The best resource is either ask a user or check the wthashtag.com website. Wthashtag is only as good as the info submitted by the creators or users of hashtags, in this case, you can check the page on #ACFC10 as a reference.

Check the tag — for those who use Tweetdeck, Seesmic, or TweetChat, you may want to keep a search column open. The news will likely be thickest through Tuesday, August 31, 2010 as our conference goes noon Monday, August 30 to Tuesday, August 31.

Special thanks to the members of the AgChat Foundation training committee for all the work they are putting into the conference: Drew Bender, Tricia Braid Terry, Jeff Fowle, Eliz Greene, Kathy McComb Swift, Michele Payn-Knoper, Chris Raines, Mace Thornton and Dan Toland.


  1. I thought some folks may like to see the photos I’m posting from the conference. I’ve posted one set but will have more so look again later! http://wp.me/pFMs3-B2