What does #ACFC10 mean on Twitter?

This weekend the buzz has gotten louder…. if you follow some ag folks on Twitter, then you have probably seen some tweets with the #AFCF10 hashtag. We wanted to take a minute and explain what is going on.

What’s a hashtag? On Twitter, using the pound sign (#) and a word or abbreviation allows all users of the service to click on that term for a quick and easy search of the word. It brings all the tweets using that into one place. You can see the search even if you aren’t on Twitter, for example, here’s the #ACFC10 feed.

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Don’t go there! Some Businesses too Personal on Facebook

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Jeff Fowle’s Podcast on Reaching Out Through Social Media

We thought some of you may like to hear a few words from Jeff Fowle, AgChat Foundation President, as he heads to the 140 Conference, a Twitter conference for techies in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond. Thanks to the development of mobile technology, we can ride along. Enjoy!

Jeff Fowle on 140 Conference

SXSW Panel: We Need Your Vote!

Imagine one of the country’s biggest computer technology events and all the major players are there — Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All of those companies send their “heavy hitters” to talk about how they are doing things differently and how they are pioneering social media uses. Now put one of us, or even better a panel of farmers, ranchers and others engaged in agriculture and social media right in the center. You can help that vision become reality.

Agriculture is often under-represented and sometimes even mis-represented in public forums. We have an opportunity to change that at South by Southwest Interactive, one of the world’s leading Interactive conferences. The event will be held in Austin, Texas, from March 11th through the 15th, 2011. Voting for panels closes August 27th.

The AgChat Foundation team has submitted a proposal for a panel discussion called, Agvocacy 2.0: Adding a Human Voice to the Farm. A critical element in having that proposal accepted is having people vote for it and join the discussion surrounding the panel by posting insightful comments. [Read more…]

#AgChat 8/10/2010 — Want peace in the family & productivity in the business?

Hundreds of those working in family business have shared their stories with me. Here’s what I’ve learned. There is nothing better or more frustrating than working with genetics!!  Being part of a family business is a challenge!  Combining habits, expectations, personalities, differing goals, and multiple generations creates a collision course.

During #AgChat, Tuesday, August 10, 8-10 p.m. ET, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of lessons learned from hearing the stories and working with those in family business. [Read more…]