Tonight’s AgChat: Organizations Driving Our Industry

Be sure to join us online tonight for a fast-paced chat focused on ag organizations…those people who help bring our industry together. Given the topic, it only made sense to have a number of organizations submit questions. Since your comments and interaction will help shape the discussion, these questions may or may not be asked in this order. We’ll go with the convo flow as interest focuses dialogue and time permits.  Please note that we decided to leave all questions in Twitterspeak.

See you at 7 CDT!
  • via @sollmana What are some positive examples you’ve seen of ag organizations working together to help diff groups (ex: Farm Bureau &
  • via @SlowMoneyFarm what do ag orgs offer those not in ag & why people should join? (thinking even rabbit owners not joining because” we dont show/breed)
  • via @ThomsonVnyrds AgChat How are current Ag orgs restructuring to meet needs of next generation of farmers & ranchers?
  • via @ThomsonVnyrds AgChat How many Ag orgs are too many Ag orgs for 1 sm town or Ag industry? What can be done to retain membership & enhance value?
  • via @ThomsonVnyrds AgChat What are creative ways Ag orgs are minimizing costs to members? i.e. yearly membership fees, but free ongoing ed seminars?
  • via @mpaynknoper What are some specific ways ag orgs can collaborate to more proactively share messages around food, fuel, feed & fiber?
  • via @ThomsonVnyrds AgChat What are smart Ag orgs doing to put growers & farmers & ranchers infront of buyers & decisions makers in struggling economy?
  • via @TruffleMedia What are the ag ed web sites people should know of? Why?
  • via @weedgirl24 How do you peak the interest of recent college graduates (and keep them involved)?


  1. via @AgriBlogger How can ag groups overcome policy differences to present united messages to consumers?


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