Technology Scholarships

Equip Farmers with Technology

Technology Scholarships will assist in equipping farmers with infrastructure to enable full use of social media. This infrastructure can be as complex as providing a voice and resources in the effort to expand rural broadband or as simple as digital video and smartphones. All of these components are used to effectively tell one’s story online and scholarships will assist in increasing activity.

California dairy farmer & AgChat Foundation Secretary Ray Prock explains why this is one of the primary pillars of the organization in this video.


  1. Please forward me information about tech scholarships. This is an exciting opportunity!

  2. Derek, Thanks for your interest. We are still working on so many components as you can imagine. We are doing backgrounding on the types of scholarships and services most needed. And sponsors will be needed as well to provide funding. You can reach our committee on the topic at — thanks for adding to the conversation!

  3. These scholarships are a great idea. There is no doubt that if farmers in the next generation do not get more productive in their marketing they will risk losing their livelihood. It is no longer enough just to know about animals – marketing and branding are an important every business now.
    Thomas Anderson


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