Social media is changing everything. Are your skills all that they should be…and could be? Agvocacy 2.0 can help.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know a good deal about social media. Perhaps you’ve even seen the video below. (Some three million others have.) Unless you’re working to keep abreast of constant changes, however, your skills may not be all they could be.

Agvocacy 2.0, from the AgChat Foundation, is a seminar created specifically to help ag producers remain at the forefront of the social media communications revolution.

“Social media provides a unique opportunity for farmers to tell their stories to the world,” said Jeff Fowle, rancher and president of the not-for-profit AgChat Foundation. “At Agvocacy 2.0 we will help them with advanced training in how to use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, video, Flickr and other tools.”

We are in the process of doing our first Agvocacy 2.0 workshop in suburban Chicago. Up to 50 people representing all walks of agriculture will be accepted. This two-day event but some attendees are also seeking sponsorships from agribusiness.

For more information, you can also contact the AgChat Foundation via the links on this site.


  1. I have seen that video. It makes a great point.

  2. @BIOblogger and @Sean_OHanlon think this #agchat seminar is a great idea! We would like to invite its attendees to post and follow #biochat, a hashtag that covers biofuels and biomass energy crop news and topics important for #agchat members to know about.